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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well Thanksgiving is almost over and I am sad! I really think that we need more than one day a year designated for good eating! I had a wonderful time with all of my family. It was so nice to see some of them. I didn't realize how old I had gotten until I got to Kennesaw. Here I am the oldest one in most of my classes and on my team. And today all of my little cousins are not little anymore. When did I get old?

It was a day that I was truly thankful for my life. I think of others who don't have the greatest life. Their hand of cards is a lot harder than mine yet they still seem happy. They don't ever become victims to their lives...they inspire me. I also spent some time today talking to my cousing in law school up at UGA! What an amazing feat to do what he is doing. That too inspires me.
In the midst of all that I am realizing that I not only have a great life but I have had it kind of easy. Yeah I had to go through a lot to get to where I'm at but so have a lot of others. My uncle, my dad, and I were talking tonight about how important attitude is. That is truly what makes your life what it is. If you think you can do something than you will. The mind is a truly powerful thing. As we were talking about all of this my uncle said something to me that I will never forget. He said in case you haven't caught on Lisa you are anything but average....hmmm!!! He said that all that I have gone through to pursue my dream has earned a lot of respect from him! I had never really thought about that. I spend so much time trying to be better at everything I do that I forget to realize how far I've come. I never seem to give myself enough credit....I am incredibly driven. (I think a little too driven). It gets me into trouble sometimes.

Anyway my point is that we can't ever feel sorry for ourselves or our circumstances. Self pity is one of the worst places in life that we can find ourselves. It does nothing for us. You must always find something to be thankful for...something that you can be positive about. Because if you stop for long enough to think about you can find something that you have been blessed with no matter how small it seems. And by acknowleding that you will be successful in what ever you do!


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