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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

notes from class 10-10-06

Should the internet be regulated?
Gets same protection as print media
Aggregation and disaggregation
What is obscenity? Must meet Miller test
3 parts:
1.must be local contemporary standard
2.must depict sexual conduct
3.must lack any serious liteary, artistic, political or scientific value (SLAPS)
John Perry Barlow-
a place that exists both everywhere and nowhere at once.
David Clark
Lawrence Lessig/electronic commons
critical mass-point in which any further ciruclation will not make a difference
5 challenges for regulating information society
1. do current laws apply? to forumatel a reasonable response when new regulation is needed. lasw and policies htat re nrew but need to be flexible to adapt to changing cirucmstances
4.preserve human values
5.corrdinate internet law with other nations to find consistency

Cookies: exist on computer and are deposited each time you visit a website to allow you to pull that page up quicker and allow company to gather information


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