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Monday, October 23, 2006

Huge relief that my big project is over. Practice got canceled tonight and that too is nice b/c I can relax....well atleast get caught up. I hate that life gets to points where it is about check lists. Life is unhappy that way. There is no true fulfillment if all you do is "do". I want to live and enjoy life and grow in stages. Too much at one time is a little overwhelming for me. I hate to admit this but I am not the happiest and here I am living out my dream. I don't feel let down by my dream but for the first time in my life I am truly flying solo. I guess life knew I was ready for this b/c my support system has shifted a little. I think it was destined to be this way b/c it is time to find my inner strength. Still trying to find what works but in the meantime I am feeling a bit lonely. Actually I get sad about it but all I can is focus on the here and now and build these relationships b/c this is what is I wanted. Learning so much:)


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