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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Big deal for me...there is a lot of talk of making cheerleading ground bound. After the fall last spring, there has been a lot of talk of the dangers of cheerleading which I might add are no different or more severe than those of any other sport. With the progression of recognizing cheerleading as a sport, this could be detrimental. The University of Maryland is the first and only school to have competitive cheerleading as an official varsity sport meaning it is treated like any other athletic team at the school. They are petitioning the NCAA to sign competitive cheerleading as an official varsity sport for all colleges. With the way this is going there is a huge possibility that within the next year or two all colleges will be required to recognize cheerleading as a sport and fund it appropriately. That would mean every team would have scholarships, a trainer, a budget, etc. However, if people don't continue to be wise about safety then it could change the sport as we know it know and the future that it holds.


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