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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


-protects author
-exclusive right to author
-only for limited time
-1st copyright law passed in 1792 in U.S.
-copyright tangible things
-trademark-symbol, word, or name used by a company
-patent-protects physical invention
-DMCA- prohibits manufacturing and distribution of devices designed for sole purpose of undermining technology
-protects commerical products
-RIAA allows file sharers to be caught
-keep track using software
-fair use-allowed to copy things for educational purposes not commercial

Monday, October 30, 2006

The only constant thing in life is change....hmmm.... why does life need to be that way. Why do things have to change so often? I guess what is on my mind are relationships. Why is it that when you are really beginning to like the way they are going or come to trust them on a deeper level they change? I am crushed b/c I didnt' want them to change but I guess change is inevitable. The conclusion is that I chose to take this path in my life so I am the one that risked loosing certain things/people. I don't want some of them to only be seasonal. I hate when life does this b/c I have to accept a change I don't particularly like. I know that people come in and out of your life until the day you die. I realize that circumstances change and that is fine too. But why is it that close relationships change on an account of a decision to pursue a dream?

We only have 6 weeks left till school is out. I am so excited! I need to hang in there till the end....almost there. Tumbling got canceled practice this morning so I slept in. It was so nice...actually I have been enjoying some time off here lately. This feels like the calm before the storm. I don't have too much on my plate for the time being so I am just being. However, in another week or two it is going to get tough. I am trying to get stuff done and not procrastinate b/c I tend to be that way.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

This weekend I went to my family reunion in Easley, South Carolina. I always enjoy going to see my family. I have such a deep sense of where I come from and an even deeper appreciation for my heritage. We met at George's Creek Baptist church where Mama Dunk went to church and so did my grandma. After lunch we sat down and listened to my cousins/aunts and uncles record a Perry family CD. They sang all the old hymns. Granted I prefer more contemporary songs, but those old hymns made me appreciate not only where I come from but what God means to me. I thought about God and how amazing He is. I thought about how blessed I was to be a part of a family that honored Him in that way. I am from a true southern family and very proud of it!

I just got done watching Click and I cried so hard. I thought it would be a funny movie (which it was) but the message was powerful. It was so sad to see how his life turned out b/c he forgot about what mattered in life. He was your typical was about getting through it with the most toys. He forgot about relationships, his family, and most importantly true love. Love was all around him yet he chose to bypass it all-for what? All that "getting ahead" got him was a life of sorrow. He missed out! It made me evaluate my life. What are my priorities?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I think it is ironic how life always seems to give you what you need (positive or negative) when you need it. When you get to a new place in your life you find yourself with new friends....ones at the same place in life you are. Or how about learning new lessons. It's like life will teach it to you no matter where you are and it will come from just about every angle until you get it. Someitmes I think it comes from so many sources even if it is hard to deal with or take b/c you are ready for it. If you couldn't handle it, it wouldn't come your way. So really take it in and make the most of it and let it teach you what you need to be taught. It may be hard to swallow but let it do what it was meant to do.

Do you ever think about generational gaps. For instance my generation is so rushed. We are used to living a day packed from minute to minute. We are used to a fast paced society where everything is instantaneous. We have IM, email, myspace, cell phones, text messaging, etc. What did we do before being able to get what we want when we want it. My grandmother is totally the opposite. Life for her is busy when she has plans for the afternoon. I bet she would have a heart attack trying to keep up with someone my age...and it's not b/c her body is old. We get impatient with slow drivers and the slow drivers are older people. People say it has a lot to do with regions. For instance living in LA vs. Atlanta or living in the country vs. living in the city. Those are contributors, but I think one of the biggest factors is age.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It is always sad to me to find out that people really don't care about you as much as you think they did. I had a long talk with a good friend today and realized that you truly are lucky to have a few friends...ones that are worth it. People will let you down (including those that you think never would). The truth is that they don't deserve your friendship because they aren't truly trustworthy....they don't love you unconditionally. I am in the process of moving beyond hurt and letting those things go so my broken heart can mend!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Huge relief that my big project is over. Practice got canceled tonight and that too is nice b/c I can relax....well atleast get caught up. I hate that life gets to points where it is about check lists. Life is unhappy that way. There is no true fulfillment if all you do is "do". I want to live and enjoy life and grow in stages. Too much at one time is a little overwhelming for me. I hate to admit this but I am not the happiest and here I am living out my dream. I don't feel let down by my dream but for the first time in my life I am truly flying solo. I guess life knew I was ready for this b/c my support system has shifted a little. I think it was destined to be this way b/c it is time to find my inner strength. Still trying to find what works but in the meantime I am feeling a bit lonely. Actually I get sad about it but all I can is focus on the here and now and build these relationships b/c this is what is I wanted. Learning so much:)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am continually amazed at how quickly time flies by. The days go by so fast and now I find myself in the end of October. I enjoyed the weather today b/c it felt like fall. The trees are turning and it is just cool enough out to get out your warm clothes and stay in bed all day. I love this time of the year...the pumpkins, the apple cider, the colorful trees, and the warmth you find in your own bed:)

My week is going to not be so bad since my huge project is due tomorrow. That class is way more than it should be.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Last night I went to go see School for Scoundrals. It looked like it was going to be a funny movie and that is the way it was marketed. However, I was hugely disappointed. Not only was I disappointed that it was funny, but it was very disturbing. The extent that people will go to to get back at someone is actually very sick. It crossed the line. Both my friend and I left the theatre feeling sick. Billy Bob Thorton was willing to almost kill this guy...but it was done in the process of everyday life. The movie taught that it is every man for himself and that in the end even your friends will bail out. ...even the people that you thought you could trust. Maybe it bothered me so much b/c I felt like the message wasn't even that positive. It left me with a lot of dissonance that I kept trying to make sense of. It really bothered me....I felt sick! Dont' go see the movie.

They say that honesty is always the best policy and so I am trying to live my life by that saying. It is so hard to do that. It means that you have to be willing to hear it. Sometimes it is better to not know stuff. On the other hand you have to be extremely brave to hear those really hard things and then do something mature about it. It is a very hard pill to swallow. I feel pretty brave b/c I have had to swallow a lot lately. I keep telling myself that it is only making me stronger. There is a limit though as to what someone can handle....maybe it keeps coming around to me b/c i am in a season of my life where I am ready to handly it all?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Indeed it has been a busy week. This week we made a calendar for our big fundraiser and then had a game/exhibition thing we had to cheer at last night. We got the day off from practice today and I am so excited about that. I just have been so exhausted and feeling spread a little too thin. I was in need of some rest. It was fun last night. Last weekend I went home and I jumped right back into life here. I was so proud of myself for not even needing some adjustment time. I transitioned well which is a big deal for me. I have grown so much since I've been here and tried so hard to embrace my life so much b/c this is my only year here. Having a great time. Burnt out from school so I am trying as hard as I possibly can but it is difficult to keep pouring myself out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today I had an important meeting with someone. I realized a lot of things...truth can sometimes be very hard to accept especially when it requires you to accept something about yourself. I do feel blessed that I have so many people that are will be that way with me and stick by my side through it. Life seems to be overwhelming right now. I got home Sunday night and it was right back into life Monday morning. It never lets up! Why do we fill our lives with so much stuff? Don't we miss out on life itself when we are so busy? The pressure sometimes comes in from all angles and it gets to a breaking point. I am at that point now but trying so hard to keep going and be good to myself. The biggest thing I can do is sleep but I dont' have time for that right now! I need a little break...maybe just a breather...

I got to go home this past weekend and I realized that there is nothing like returning to a place that has reamained unchanged to find how you yourself have changed. I had so many mixed emotions about it. I realized that I miss the people so much but I have to embrace my life here completely or I will miss out on so many relationships that I could build. I realized that for atleast the time being this is my life. I don't fit at home. I don't know if I ever quite will like I did or if things will ever be the same but that is okay. It was really weird to be home. I would be fine just staying here....but I miss the kidos too much at church!

notes from 10/17

-broadcast is most regulated form of media because it is intrusive
-radio waves come in whether you invite them in or not
-fairness doctrine-makes broadcasters reponsible to cover opposing views
-replaced mayflower doctrine
-as amount of channels on radio and tv was introduced, the fairness doctrine was done away with
-cable as medium doesn't suffer from security-no scarcity and interference
-internet regulation- lots of competition- interference and scarcity don't apply
-regulate internet:
1. rating systems
2.blocking or filtering
3.parental supervision
4.publication restrictions
-self-regulation-don't like it don't view it
smart mobs-people who are able to act together without knowing each other

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

notes from class 10-10-06

Should the internet be regulated?
Gets same protection as print media
Aggregation and disaggregation
What is obscenity? Must meet Miller test
3 parts:
1.must be local contemporary standard
2.must depict sexual conduct
3.must lack any serious liteary, artistic, political or scientific value (SLAPS)
John Perry Barlow-
a place that exists both everywhere and nowhere at once.
David Clark
Lawrence Lessig/electronic commons
critical mass-point in which any further ciruclation will not make a difference
5 challenges for regulating information society
1. do current laws apply? to forumatel a reasonable response when new regulation is needed. lasw and policies htat re nrew but need to be flexible to adapt to changing cirucmstances
4.preserve human values
5.corrdinate internet law with other nations to find consistency

Cookies: exist on computer and are deposited each time you visit a website to allow you to pull that page up quicker and allow company to gather information

I was wondering this morning life ever lets up or slows down. Really why do we all race through life as if this is some sprint that we have to finish first in. I am alsmot 22 and I feel like my days just fly by. They are so filled with 'stuff'. I don't get much sleep at night b/c I have so much to do during the day...There is not time for sleep. That is so sad to say. I want to enjoy being 21 and all that it has to offer. I want to embrace my life at this point and the fact that I am actually living out my dream!!! There is always something that "needs" to be done...but it can wait. I want to enjoy the process of life. I know I know I am an old soul. What 21 year old thinks like that? ME!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Why are they already talking about Christmas. It's the beginning of October and we haven't even had Halloween. I went to the craft store yesterday and they already have up decorations for Christmas. Then I heard on the news about the 'hot' toys for Christmas this year. We really market Christmas early. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year (plus it's my birthday-well 3 days later). Anyway I don't mind it but I just thought it was funny that we push it so early.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I was talking to my uncle last night about all of this crime at Kennesaw. At one point Kennesaw was not so big or publicized. Now we are close to the interstate and have such a largle volume of traffic that comes through. What that has brought us is a higher crime rate. I am all about the growth that is taking place at Kennesaw but this is just a consequent of the growth. I guess I am too trusting or maybe just niave b/c I think that most people are going to be nice to you. But that is not the case. The law in Kennesaw requires you to own a gun. I'm all for that...maybe we should enforce that and people would stop doing dumb things. Once that law was passed the crime rate dropped.

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Had some truthful moments this weekend so I am trying to take it all in. I am going home next weekend but not too sure if I really want to go. I have so many emotions about it. Half of my problem is that I have so many emotions to begin with. It stinks to be a girl sometimes and feel things so deeply.

Anyway I don't watch the news a lot so I made an effort this week to watch it. I need to be informed about what is going on in the world. I heard about that representative from Florida that was involved in that sex scandal stuff. I don't understand why people do stuff like that. It is kind of sick. Actually it makes me think that people like that need help b/c obviously they have issues. I've heard that the media produces what the people want. If that is truly the case then it is sad that so many people need the kind of content that is being put out there. Why do we have sex being thrown at us from so many angles? Is our society that screwed up?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So life goes on! I have been getting a little frustrated with life and find that I am, at times, all by myself...or maybe just incredibly independent. I stay extremely busy....I am gone from the time I wake up in the morning till its time for bed. I hate being so busy becasue then I feel like I don't get to enjoy the day as much. I am learning a lot and trying to stay positive. Infact I would like to stop learning so much about myself because the truth can be very painful-ha! Luckily for me the weekend starts tomorrow. I go home next weekend...hope it is good!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Big deal for me...there is a lot of talk of making cheerleading ground bound. After the fall last spring, there has been a lot of talk of the dangers of cheerleading which I might add are no different or more severe than those of any other sport. With the progression of recognizing cheerleading as a sport, this could be detrimental. The University of Maryland is the first and only school to have competitive cheerleading as an official varsity sport meaning it is treated like any other athletic team at the school. They are petitioning the NCAA to sign competitive cheerleading as an official varsity sport for all colleges. With the way this is going there is a huge possibility that within the next year or two all colleges will be required to recognize cheerleading as a sport and fund it appropriately. That would mean every team would have scholarships, a trainer, a budget, etc. However, if people don't continue to be wise about safety then it could change the sport as we know it know and the future that it holds.