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Friday, September 15, 2006

I've heard some stuff lately that makes me mad. First of all cheerleading is a sport. Come and try to hang at our practice. I have never participated in a sport (and I've done quite a few) that work you as hard as cheerleading does. What makes me mad is that we don't get the respect we deserve. We work hard.

Now they want to change how we do things (like making us ground-bound). There was an injury- that wasn't life threatening- that happened last spring at a college during half-time. The media caught wind of it and played it over and over and over on television focusing in on this one injury and applying it to the whole sport. Yes cheerleading is a risk but so is everything else you do in driving a car.

I heard today that another girl got hurt yesterday b/c she was practicing on concrete. So of course the media went wild when they heard of it. That is so stupid. Don't you know better than stunting and tumbling on concrete. Your dumb decisions are causing all of us to pay for it. Use common sense. Cheerleading is no more dangerous than football or any other sport. And for the wise so they don't change what I love. We are working hard to change how people see us and we already are under a microscope.


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